Professional LTO Barcode Label Printing Services


GIS offers by far the most complete range of LTO media labeling options. Label quality is critical to data management and in many ways represents one of the most important components of any media library. Accurate filing and easy readability is vital to speed data storage and retrieval, and through the use of proven colour coding filing methods and grade A bar code quality, GIS has developed a reputation over the five years as the region's leading media label manufacturer, with quality products tailored to the industry's needs.

Features of label

1Manufacturer and LTO approved (IBM, HP and Seagate)
1State of the art Printers and Printing facilities
1High-quality – Polyester
1Thoroughly tested for:

  • Strength, tear resistance
  • Readability
  • Reflectivity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Adhesion strength

Why Color Code?

Reduces retrieval and filing time by visual guidance.
Reduces misfiling. When a colour block is broken, it's easily identified and corrected.
Increases read time by 50%. The human eye can read colour and patterns faster and further.
It's flexible, easy and cost-effective.

Why Bar Code?

Speeds tape identification and handling.
Easily tracks tapes on and off site.
Provides the highest level of inventory control.
Laser quality barcodes are verified fast and accurately.
Available in standard code 3 of 9 or other modified variations.
Numeric, alpha and alphanumeric sequences available.
Approved labels for most major robotic systems.






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