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 Professional Printing  of LTO Barcode Label

1Supported brands  (drive / libraries)   
1Samples of label

 LTO Data Recovery

1Free evaluation of data media, and the extent of recovery 
1If data recovery is possible, a quotation will be prepared for customer's approval

  Tapes / Hard Disks Degaussing

1Under this Degaussing Service, the use of strong magnetic field to "Reset" the magnetic compound on the tape to default, thus recycle an used tape/disk.

              Tapes / Media Re-Certification

1  The process to degauss, clean, and re-tension the tapes from front to back, and check the entire surface of the tape for errors. After this process, the tapes will be completely cleaned and re-tested, ready to be used, as good as a new tape. And best of all, only those tapes that can be re-certified will be charged.

 Tape Health Check

1GIS uses MP Tapes VeriTape LTO Tape Analyzer to perform health check of LTO Tapes to ensure that the data integrity of the backup.




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